Day seven began with the morning prayer led by Fr Vincent Carmelbhavan. This was followed by the celebration of the Eucharist, presided over by Fr Francis Dalmet. In his homily, Fr Francis Dalmet highlighted the process of discernment as seen in the life of St Paul and presented it as model for our own process of discernment.
The day's session began at 9.15 a.m. with a short prayer led by Fr Johny Panamthanam. The minutes of the previous day's discussions was read and passed with minor amendments. After that, the assembly was dispersed for group discussions on administration and leadership.
Pauline Family and Lay Collaborators
Then the assembly began discussions on how to improve our collaboration with the Pauline Family and other lay collaborators. 
It was suggested that a meeting of the Directors or those who hold various apostolic offices, in DSP and PDDM could be organized to discuss possible ways of collaboration. Further it was suggested that we could look for collaboration in publishing books, to create a team for providing classes in art/music etc. 
The assembly, while discussing about the possibility of getting collaboration from ex-paulines, suggested that a coordinator be appointed to connect with them and explore opportunities for collaboration in our apostolate. 
Fr Johnson Vattakunnel, General Councillor intervened at this point and informed the assembly that the Pauline co-operators association has a new constitution ad experimentum for five years. The Society of St Paul should take the lead in animating the co-operators, as agreed at the meeting of the General Government’s of the Pauline Family in Rome. However, the feasibility of this needs to be studied, especially in India.
Various Topics
The assembly then discussed various other topics like, the possibility of getting sponsors / benefactors to support the education needs of those in formation. 
Care for the Elderly: Make available the assistance of medical personnel for our brothers, weekly or monthly, to reassure them of our fraternal love and care. 
Email and Mobile for Office use: Adhere to the policy of having a departmental phone and office email.
Apostolic and Formation Councils in the Province: It was suggested the recommendations of different councils to the Provincial government be published for common awareness of issues.
Election of Councillors
The assembly then proceeded to the election of councillors. Fr Francis Xavier and Anish Antony served as the Scrutinisers.
Fr Provincial read out constitution number 196.2 regarding the election of the councillors. He also read the relevant sections related to the election from the Handbook of Authority. 
Fr. Superior General reminded the assembly that it was an important moment for the Provincial Chapter. The people who will govern the province should have the spirit of synodality
Fr Saju George, Fr Joshy Joseph, Fr Sajith Cyriac and Fr Prithviraj Philip were elected by an absolute majority as Councillors in separate ballots. 
The day's sessions ended at 8.00 pm with the Eucharistic Adoration conducted by Fr Vincent Carmelbhavan.


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