The Holy Souls’ day, the Chapter members began the day by praying for all deceased pioneer Paulines and also for all deceased Indian Paulines. Fr George Chathanatt, the main celebrant invited the members in his homily to be effective in their mission entrusting themselves into the hands of God and be filled with the Holy Spirit.

The activities of the day commenced with a small prayer service led by Fr Sebastian Thomas and Fr Shaiju V. Then, Fr Varghese Gnalian, the President, announced the election of a Provincial Councillor. Meanwhile, Fr Superior General gave a brief input session, offering some of the vital qualities expected of a councillor who will exercise the ministry of animation.

During the election that followed, Fr George Chathanatt was elected a Provincial Councillor with an absolute majority in a secret ballot. Soon after the election, the Chapter members congratulated the newly elected councillor.

After the election, the actuaries presented the previous day’s minutes. Fr George Chathanatt, the Secretary, invited Fr Joseph TC to brief the assembly on the catechetical text book series which is already in use in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Fr Provincial Superior appreciated the hard work of Fr David Pushparaj and Fr Joseph TC and expressed sentiments of gratitude on behalf of the Province.

The Secretary, now, introduced the topics of the day: Bible Apostolate and Catechism Series, Publishing and Press, and Pauline Periodicals. Br Darlei Zanon, the General Councillor, shared his expertise on the topic with the members, emphasising some of the key elements necessary for the Pauline Apostolate. The key elements include organization and consolidation, collaboration with the local Church, projects for non-believers and people at periphery, etc.

After the input session, the members met in their respective groups to discuss the topics of the day. In the evening, the four secretaries presented the findings of the group discussion. Later, the members critically analysed the Priorities and the Operative Guidelines for the themes: Vocation Promotion, Formation, Ongoing Formation.

Later in the evening, Fr Sebastian KV animated the Visit to the Bl. Sacrament and the members prayed specially for all the faithful departed.