No. 302  *  An Online Newsletter of the Apostolic Sector  * 04 NOVEMBER  2018 

Alberione Speaks...

The way of perfection always starts from detachment from ourselves, from our possessions, from the things of the earth (RSP, p. 521).

Blood Donation Drive Donate Blood. Save a life.

With the onset of Daan Utsav 2018, SPICE, MUMBAI, decided to partner with Holy Family Hospital and organized a blood donation drive in the early hours of 3 October 2018.

Students, staff and faculty were active participants who voluntarily donated blood to help address requirements at the hospital. In this expressive manner, 28 members of our student community celebrated the ‘joy of giving week’. The doctors and technicians at hand helped address all queries donors had regarding blood donation, tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle etc. Tea and refreshments were made available to all donors.

All donors were awarded certificates.

CommFest 2018 || Youth, Media and Democracy

In the sixth year now, Commfest 2018, a daylong conference style event for all media enthusiasts, was organized on 29 September 2018, with “Youth, Media and Democracy” as the central theme.

Leading luminaries from the media, politics and advertising, all under one roof, enthusiastically, shared insights on several specializations, including reasons for success - perceived v/s actual personal learning, their motivations and on how they succeeded and changed the game.

Our stellar speakers were amongst the the biggest names in the media and journalism today: Shailesh Gandhi , former Chief Election Commissioner; Magsaysay Award Winner & Senior Journalist, P Sainath; Suraja Kishore, EVP & GM, McCann ; Saji Abraham, ED- LoweLintas;  Harshil Karia, MD & Co-Founder, SCHBANG; Veena Gidwani, PR exponent. These specialists all spoke of the myriad ways the media plays an important role, including developing public thinking, thereby also influencing society in ways unimaginable.

The ‘Reporting’ session was particularly well received – especially with the acute focus on responsibility while reporting, the data source and how data ought not to be taken at face value. The interplay with ethics and a brand - the importance that a brand has to have a soul and conscience – for customers to invest in, or they (brands) will perish. Personal Values, Individuality and dreams; a link to a human side as essentials for a brand to succeed; brands moving to customers as brand ambassadors were some of the topics of discussion.

In the grand finale of CommFest2018, the Intercollegiate Quiz saw the PG students from KC College walk away with the First Prize.

CommFest- in this format, is recommended for all media career aspirants, says Hinal Shah, a postgraduate student at SPICE. “Students should now start considering newer career options within the media world, instead of the tried and tested streams like copywriting, servicing etc,” she concluded.

Free Eye check-up Camp

As a health care initiative, St Pauls Institute of Communication Education for Women, organized a free eye check-up/screening camp for all students of the institute.

With an aim to educate students and increase eye care awareness to aid healthy and disease free vision for all, doctors and counsellors from Doctor Eye Institute were available at this eye screening camp to guide students regarding any eye related query.

New Value Education Series

Over the years it has been strongly felt that we need to revise and update our existing value education series—My Values by Cyriac Valley—to address new and relevant issues faced by today’s students. To address this need in September 2016 Fr Joby Mathew, the then General Editor, invited a team of teachers in Mumbai and started to revise the existing text books. However, the team felt that it is easier to bring out a new text book than work on the old books. Accordingly, under the leadership of Ms Nasreen Hashambhoy, an educator with over 30 years of experience both in the education and corporate sectors, undertook the task of creating a new series of text books titled, Values in Action

The books are designed to help students to understand what their values are; how these influences their thoughts, feelings and actions to obtain the outcomes that they do; and thus take responsibility for the choices they make in life.

The first five books of this series are designed and printed in multicolour while the rest five books are in two colours. Apt illustrations in each chapter by Mr Manoj Pal make the text pleasing to the eyes while Father Shinto Joseph’s catchy page layout is all set to attract due attention. On behalf of the Province, I thank Fathers Joby and Shinto for their team work in bringing out this new set of value books. Let us all work together to popularize and reach this series to all schools in India.

AINACS Convention in Lucknow

The 51st All India National Association of Catholic School (AINACS) Convention held at Lucknow from 18-21 October 2018 had 475 participants. The theme for the convention was: Emerging Challenges to Catholic Education and our Response. The AINACS convention offers a one-stop platform to interact with Catholic School principals (99% of them are Priests and Nuns) and establish contact for the promotion of our books and periodicals. With this aim in mind Fathers Joby Mathew, Shinto Joseph, Alfonso Elengikal and Herman Dung Dung participated in the convention where we had put up a stall to display our products. Our members who participated were very positive about the outcome of the event, as they not only managed to renew contacts with those who are our regular patrons, but also established contacts with many others who are interested in our publications. One of the primary purposes of our participation in the event was to popularize the new value education series—Values in Action— and the catechism series—Faith: Source of Life—as well as our two periodicals—The Teenager Today and Inspirational Quote. The Marketing Department is closely following up with all school principals who have shown interest in our books and periodicals.

Industrial visit to THE HINDU Printing Press

The first ever Industrial visit in the academic year 2018-2019 was conducted on 13 October. The management and the department of Commerce & Management took the initiative to organize the event. This was mandatory for all the students of Commerce & Management as part of their academics. Both students and faculty were fully involved and cooperative in terms of ensuring the success of this trip. Students were also made aware of the importance of the service sector by paying visit to the “ISKCON Temple” and the “Hindu Press”.

The ISKCON temple is popularly known as “Sri Radha Krishna Temple”. The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), otherwise known as the Hare Krishna movement, is a charitable society with the objective of propagating Krishna Consciousness all over the world and which provides free food daily for all visitors. The visit to this temple has enriched the students to be an asset for society by using their innovative abilities and creative ideas.

At the Hindu Press, Father Plavendran, the principal and HOD of Commerce & Management introduced to us Mr Sebastian, Printing Engineer of the Hindu Press who explained the nuances of the printing press and its technical aspects. The students were shown how the raw material goes through different processes and comes out as the finished product. The paper for printing the newspaper was called as reel. This reel weighs about 1.2 tons and with the help of a vehicle the reel is taken to the place of printing. The resource person also explained the functioning of the various departments like Computer to Plate (C2P), Electronics & Electricals, Printing Press and Dispatch (Delivery).

Parents Teachers Meet 2018

On 27 October 2018 ST PAULS COLLEGE held a Parents-Teachers Meet, the first meet of its kind during this academic year. This is a platform in which parents engage with management and after which they meet the class teachers. Father Thomas, M.J, Director of ST PAULS COLLEGE warmly welcomed the parents and gave a brief explanation about the facilities of the college and outlined the annual events held in ST PAULS COLLEGE where students will offer services for the success of the events: Orientation programme, Paularmaba, Swachh Nagasandra, ST PAULS Cup, Paulakala, Carol Singing Competition, Bat, Health Camp. The various fees collected by college were also touched upon. He emphasized the need to extract fines from students who have shortage of attendance, the amount being directed towards the Social Welfare Activities organized by the college before explaining the new course offered in ST PAULS COLLEGE to be conducted from the next academic year.


Father Plavendran welcomed the parents and talked about the role of parents in shaping the life of the students. He emphasized that the parents are co-operators of ST PAULS COLLEGE along with management and faculty to build the future generation. He spoke about the college timings, the certificate programmes, clubs and committee, and student-faculty rapport. He further explained the importance of attendance, pointing out that the minimum attendance percentage the students of our college were expected to maintain was 85%, besides mentioning the leave application form in the hand book of the college given to all students. He informed the parents that ST PAULS COLLEGE gives importance to 100% results in examination besides touching on the rapport between students and faculty. One of the important functions of this rapport is to watch closely the progress of the students in terms of attendance, exam results, discipline and curricular and co-curricular activities. He also informed the gathering about the remedial measures taken by the faculty for the students who are performing poorly in their studies. After the meeting with the management the parents moved to meet the respective class teachers with the students.

Gods Word 2019 in Hindi

“How can they call on the One in whom they have not believed? And how can they believe in the One of whom they have not heard of? And how can they hear without someone to preach?” (Rom 10:14).

Thanks to the hard work, commitment and zeal shown by Father Pankaj ssp, the complete work of Gods Word 2019 in Hindi was published by Atmonnati Prakashan, the first edition of which is distributed from Allahabad. It was indeed a long-cherished dream come true and we sincerely appreciate the good work from Atmonnati Prakashan!

First shipment of Religious Articles from China

It was one of the Provincial Chapter recommendations and a long-awaited plan to import Religious Articles from China. Thanks to the DGA and his team who systematically planned and processed the purchases and shipment of the same to India. The consignments arrived in Kochi in two containers and are being distributed to all our centres. The Article shipment for Nigeria is in transit.   Thanks to all the members of the team for their effort and hard work.


St Pauls and Theological Publications (TPI) have entered into a publishing agreement for the popular EVERYDAY PRAYER (EP). Our negotiations in this regard began with a personal meeting between Rev. Fr Sebastian Thomas SSP, General Director of Apostolate, St Pauls, Mumbai, India, and Rev. Fr Joseph Pathrapankal, President, TPI. Having completed all formalities and getting the required files ready, we got the first printed copies recently. The copies are on its way to Nigerian shores.  Fr Joe writes, “at this juncture I would like to express my gratitude to Rev. Fr Joseph Pathrapankal and Rev. Fr Sebastian Thomas SSP, who initiated this publishing agreement and saw to its completion with much patience, passion and commitment. I also thank Rev. Fr Johnson Chacko SSP, the then Coordinator of Apostolate at St Pauls, Nigeria, Rev. Fr Shinto Joseph SSP, the Technical Director, St Pauls, Mumbai, who supervised the scanning, page layout and corrections. I also thank our dedicated team here in Nigeria who painstakingly went through every page and every word of EP for proof correction. I am also grateful to Fr Siji Jose, Coordinator, St Pauls, Nigeria, for overseeing the printing, shipping and payments. We believe that this is a major milestone in our publishing apostolate in Nigeria and we hope and pray that it becomes for all Nigerian Catholics a tool for prayer and worship of God.”