On Sunday, 5 November 2017, Fr Sebastian Thomas presided over the Eucharist and called on the assembly to reflect on our commitment to the Lord as Paulines in our apostolate.

Fr Joe Eruppakkatt led the opening prayer and thus, the activities of the day commenced with the presentation of previous day’s minutes by the actuaries. Meanwhile, the floor was opened to discuss and debate the priorities and the operative guidelines on Diffusion & Book Centres, Audio visual, Mini-media & Apps, and Marketing.

A little later, the assembly took the topic Administration for discussion. When the members resumed the sessions after the lunch, Fr Provincial Superior shared the content of two of the letters addressed to the XVIIth Provincial Chapter. The deliberation that followed, discussed Province’ investments in view of future expansion.

Br Darlei Zanon, the General Councillor, animated the members about the education ministry in the congregation and invited the members to refer to the following document (approved by General Government) for further details: Guidelines for Pedagogical Identity and Fundamental Operational Choices for the Pauline Centres for Communication Studies.

In upcoming sessions, the members dealt with the themes: Education and Media Training Ministry, Pauline Family, geography of the province and other important topics of the Province.

The day’s discussion came to an end with a short prayer.


Agenda Paolina


* FSP: 1979 Casa Alberione a S. Paulo (Brasile) • SJBP: 1965 a Sestri Levante (Italia).


† FSP: Sr. Rosa M. Onofre (1989) - Sr. M. Giovanna Nicosia (1993) - Sr. Emiliana Miserere (2008) - Sr. M. Carmine Kumaki (2014) • IMSA: Maria Concetta Citarda (1974) - Gloria García Sanchez (2015) • ISF: Paolo Bacci (2016) - Gino Eriani (2017).


 25/09/2018 The voice of God can make itself heard quickly or else more slowly. But when we hear it, we cannot and must not be deaf to it (AP 1958/1, p. 31).