Daily Reflection

Refl ection

The Pharisees were right: Who can forgive sin but only God? Their theology was fi ne. And they had reason to resent your words to the paralytic. But their failure was not to recognize that you were God among us, and the very purpose of your coming among us was to forgive sins. Strange, that this time you did not care to verify the faith of the paralytic. You were so impressed by the faith of his friends who brought him to you. Thank you, Lord, you accept the faith of others on my behalf as well as their prayers for me. Thus I too become a sharer in the faith of the Saints and of the whole Church. Lucky that paralytic who had such wonderful friends who were so convinced of your power that they went to the extent of opening the roof to get their friend into your presence. Thank you, Lord, for all the good friends who helped me to come into your presence when my spirit was numb and paralyzed.

2nd Week of Advent