Perhaps, it’s the first time one calls a Chapel, a Studio Chapel. On January 28, at 6.15 pm (IST), while over a thousand Digital Eucharistic Pilgrims were waiting eagerly online, a few Paulines with Bishop John Rodrigues, Auxiliary Bishop of Bombay consecrated and dedicated what might be known as the world’s first ever Studio Chapel.
While there could be other chapels with live-streaming facilities, St Pauls Studio Chapel holds the unique and exclusive dedication for the World Wide Web, from which thousands of thirsty souls and families are being nourished everyday through Eucharistic Adorations, online spiritual devotions etc.
Adhering to the words of Pope Francis, “the Covid-19 pandemic has in some ways given us a chance to develop new ways of living,” two members of the Society of St Paul from Mumbai community, Frs Johny and Renold sought a new way to reach out to the People of God during the pandemic covid-19. Built entirely with the contribution of the digital pilgrims worldwide this studio chapel will be a compass that points to Jesus, the Divine Master, the Way, the Truth and the Life, to the world and be a recharge hub for the weak and wavering souls of the digital era.
Bishop John blessed saying, “May the Gospel go forth to all the ends of the earth from this chapel. Surely, God has inspired this community of St Pauls to use technology to proclaim God’s Word and let people experience God’s strength, consolation and courage.” 
Fr Varghese Gnalian, the Provincial of the Province, acknowledged all those who generously sacrificed their mite to accomplish this project of God. “We dedicate this beautiful chapel, the first-of-its-kind in the province to the benefit of each one of you. It is your chapel from where online spiritual support will be offered and will also be open to public.
Fr Johnson, the General Editor of ST PAULS Publications said, “St Pauls studio chapel is a response to Pope’s call to bring people to God in prayer; to unload the viruses to Jesus our eternal anti-virus who will protect them from every harm bringing peace, joy and healing.” 
Thanks to Covid-19 and the lockdown, the Church in Mumbai has now birthed something unique – A STUDIO CHAPEL FOR THE INTERNET!