In the community of Ibadan


November 25, 2020:AdorCelsusUnimke,Isaac Sonsha Mimi, Abi Francis,Joseph Egbador,Onyimonyi Francis Chukwuebuka, Adinnu Samuel Nnmadi, NzehOnyekachiSixtus, Asogwa Kennedy, Idiku, Odobor Raphael Emeka, having completed their aspirancy in Lagos were admitted to postulancy in a simple and beautiful ceremony at Ibadan. The officiating priestFr Robert Correa, the superior spelt out the requirements of the congregation. He said “they were to grow into genuine human persons, discover, assimilate and deepen their understanding of the Pauline Charism and mission, grow in the knowledge of the thought and work of the founder and finally grow in deeper union with Christ, the Master, the Way, the truth and the Life.”At the end of the ceremony the superior entrusted the postulants to the care of their Master Fr Praveen Chirathara, and will be assisted by Fr Gerard Tanko.