St Pauls Institute of Communication Education (SPICE) formally inaugurated its podcast studio on November 28, making it possibly the first media school in the country and certainly in Mumbai, to have such a facility.

The blessing was carried out by Rev. Fr Varghese Gnalian, Provincial Superior, Society of St Paul, India, with Fr Sebastian E., Director General of the Apostolate and others in attendance. Fr Anil C Paul, SVD, who teaches and anchors the podcast module, was on hand to showcase some student work.

Rajesh Tahil, co-founder of Audiomatic.in, arguably India’s first and best podcast network, inaugurated the studio and later addressed the students on the subject of podcasts or internet radio. During his address, which was accompanied by a presentation of podcasts from audiomatic.in, Mr. Tahil spoke of the immense potential of audio and its role in media. “I am thrilled to be part of this event, and I congratulate St Pauls Institute of being ahead of the competition.’ He added that very few media schools can boast of a podcast module on its curriculum, and even fewer would set up a proper facility to enable students to master yet another arm of the media ecosystem.

On their part, the students listened attentively to what he had to say and then asked questions pertaining both to teaching of the module and trends within the field.

St Pauls Institute now has both television and audio facilities aimed at ensuring its students, particularly those undertaking its Post Graduate courses in Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations, go into the work place armed with an awareness of industry practices, in keeping with its promise to work with professionals at every level in delivering practical training as well as technical knowhow, while developing content that matches industry needs and standards.


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 10/12/2018 The historic function of tonight (with the profession of the first four Paulines) serves to link young men to God with their promise of consecration, to enter more intimately into their mission and to infuse them with greater power of purpose (Diary, December 8, 1917).